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replacement prop selection chart
Minn Kota offers a wide range of replacement props to fit all existing and many discontinued models. The props include the nut
attachment and can be installed in seconds.

weedless wedge 2 props applicable motor models

The next generation of the industry’s Prop No.: #2091160 Motor Models With Serial Number Prefix “WW” OR “J” through “m”
only 100% fully weedless prop. Motor Dia.: 3-5/8" 55AT, 55AT/H, 70AT, Terrova 55, Terrova 55/US2, Terrova 55/AP, Terrova 55/AP/US2,
Swept-back, flared blades “wedge” Prop Nut Kit “A” MAX 55/SC, MAX 55, MAX 55/SC/H, MAX 70, MAX 70/H/3X, MAX 70/SC, MAX 70/SC/H, MAX 70/US,
weeds away, allowing you to pass MAX 55T, MAX 70T, 50pd v2, 55pd v2, 55pd v2/us2, 55pd v2/ap, 55pd v2/ap/us2, 65pd v2,
through heavy vegetation at any 70pd v2, 70pd v2/ap, 70pd v2/ap/us2, 54pd v2 pontoon, 68pd v2 pontoon, 55HC pontoon,
speed, without draining valuable 70hc pontoon, 50PD, 55PD/AP, 55PD/AP/US, 55PD/US, 65PD, 70PD, 70PD/AP, 70PD/US,
battery power. 70PD/AP/US, VECTOR 46, VECTOR 55, VECTOR 55/3X, VECTOR 70, VECTOR 70/3X, edge 45, edge 55,
edge 55/h, edge 70, ENDURA 46, ENDURA 50, ENDURA 55, ENDURA PRO 46, ENDURA PRO 55,
CAMO 55XL, rt55/st /cp, rt55/st /cp/ap, rt55/sp/cp, rt55/sp/cp/ap, rt70/sp/cp,
rt70/sp/cp/ap, rt55/sm/l&D, rt55/sm/l&D/sc, rt70/sm/l&D/sc, rt55/se/l&D, rt70/se/l&D,
rt55/b/h, RT55/B/SC/L&D, RT65/B/SC, rt70/b/h, rt70/sc, RT50/S, RT55/S, mk55em, rt55em,
Traxxis 70, Traxxis 55, Traxxis 55/SC

PRop No.: #2331160 Motor Models With Serial Number Prefix “WW” OR “J” through “m”
Motor Dia.: 4" terrova 80, terrova 80/US2, terrova 80/AP, terrova 80/AP/US2, terrova 101,
Prop Nut Kit: “E” terrova 101/US2, terrova 101/AP, terrova 101/AP/US2, MAX 80, MAX 80/BG/US2, MAX 80/US,
MAX 101, MAX 101/US, max 101/h, MAX PRO 80, MAX pro 80/BG/US2, MAX PRO 80/US,
MAX PRO 101, MAX pro 101/BG/US2, MAX PRO 101/US, MAX 80T, MAX 80/H, 80PD, 80PD/AP, 80pd/us,
80PD/AP/US, VECTOR 80/3X, VECTOR 101/3X, VANTAGE 80, VANTAGE 101, RT80/st /cp,
RT80/st /cp/ap, RT101/st /cp/ap, rt pro 80, rt pro 101, RT80/sM/l&d, RT80/sm/bg,
RT101/sm/bg, RT80/B, RT80/B/L&D, RT80/S, RT101/B, rt101/s, RT80/AP, mk80em, mk101em,
mk160em, mk202em, rt80em, rt101em, rt160em, rt202em, RT101/SF, RT80/SF, Fortrex 101/US2,
Fortrex 101, Fortrex 80/US2, fortrex 80, traxxis 80, ALL TRIM-N-TROLL KITS

Exclusive Weedless WEEDLESS WEDGE PROPS Applicable motor models
Wedge Props
The patented Weedless Wedge is MKP-6 40PD V2, 40PD, 40AP, edge 40, edge 40/h, ENDURA 30, ENDURA 34, ENDURA 36, Endura 38,
the only 100% weedless prop in the PRop No.: #2061125 ENDURA 40, ENDURA PRO 32, ENDURA PRO 38, 40AT, 40AT/H, MAX 30T, MAX 36T, MAX 40t,
history of fishing. The leading edge on Motor Dia.: 3-1/4" vector 40, Traxxis 40, Traxxis 40/SC
each propeller blade is shaped with a Prop Nut Kit: “A”
swept-back edge that always meets
at an angle of less than 45 degrees.
“Wedges” weeds away from the hub – MKP-7 Motor Models With Serial Number Prefix “MK” OR “J” through “m”
even at slow fishing speeds. PRop No.: #2091150 MAX 55, MAX 55/H, MAX 55/SC, MAX 50T, MAX 55T, 65PD, 50PD, 55PD, 55PD/AP, 55PD/US, 55AP,
Motor Dia.: 3-5/8" 55AP/US, 65AP, 65PD/AP, 65PD/US, 65AP/US, 54PD PONTOON, 64PD PONTOON, RT55/B/SC/L&D,
Prop Nut Kit: “A” RT55/SC/H, RT55/AP, RT50/S, RT50/S/SC, RT55/S*, ENDURA 42, ENDURA 44, ENDURA 46,
*Refer to original prop on motor

PRop No.: #2331120 Motor Models With Serial Number Prefix “MK” OR “J” through “m”
Motor Dia.: 4" 74PD, 74PD/AP, 74PD/AP/US, MAX 74, MAX 74/US, MAX 74/H, 64PD, VANTAGE 74
Prop Nut Kit: “B”

MKP-24 Motor Models With Serial Number Prefix “MK” OR “J” through “m”
PRop No.: #2331130 max 101, MAX 101/H, Va nta ge 101, RT101/S, RT101/S/3X, RT101/B, RT101/B/H, RT101/B/BG/3X,
Motor Dia.: 4" VECTOR 101/3X
Prop Nut Kit: “D”

POWER PROPS Applicable motor models

MKP-2 camo 45, classic 28, EDGE 45, EDGE 45/H, Endura 30, Endura 36, Endura 38,
PRop No.: #2061121 Endura 40, Endura 45, Endura Pro 32, Endura Pro 38, 45PD V2, RT40/SC,
Motor Dia.: 3-1/4" RT45/SC/T, TRAXXIS 45/SC, TRAXXIS 45
Prop Nut Kit: “A”

MKP-37 endura c2 55, endura c2 50, camo 55, traxxis 70, traxxis 55/sc, traxxis 55, rt55/t,
PRop No.: #2091170 rt50/sc/t
Motor Dia.: 3-5/8"
Prop Nut Kit: “A”
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Minn Kota Power Prop MKP-37 2061122  MKP-2 Minn Kota weedless wedge prop
Part Number - 2091170/1378170 Part Number - 2061122/1378121 Part Number - 2091160/1378131
Minn Kota Weedless Wedge Prop MKP-7 MInn Kota weedless wedge prop, 2061125, MKP 6 Minn Kota Weedless wedge prop
Part Number - 2091150/1378122 Part Number - 2061125/1378126 Part Number - 2331130/1378130
Minn Kota Weedless Wedge 2 Prop MKP 33 Minn Kota MKP 8
Part Number - 2331160/1378132 Part Number - 2331120/1378129

Trolling Motor Replacement Props from Minn Kota

When shopping for replacement trolling motor props you'll find nothing that compares with the patented Minn Kota 100% Weedless Wedge. These particular Minn Kota props almost seem too good to be true, but they do in fact power your boat through even heavy vegetation by forcing the weeds away from the fan-shaped blade, even at slow speeds. These weedless Minn Kota trolling motor props are more than twice the size of the stock props and are shaped in such a way as to virtually refuse to allow vegetation to wrap around the hub.

It makes you wonder why the manufacturer doesn't include these weedless wedges on all the motors coming out of the factory. Of course, not everyone has to contend with waters filled with weeds, and some may prefer one of the power props available instead, but for those fighting weeds tangling in their props, the weedless wedge Minn Kota replacement prop is a must have. It's affordably priced and well worth every penny. For the proper model and correct prop nut required, just check out the accompanying replacement prop chart.